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Blockchain – the new disruptor for medical records?

Challenge The storage of medical records is, at best stuck in the last century. Records of a patient, in the UK, will be stored in a centralised system. But, if that person crosses a border and gets sick, accessing those records will, at best, be tricky and...

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The Blockchain Approach To Smart Cities

Smart cities make use of internet technology to maintain physical, social and commercial infrastructure balance. Moreover, a smart city improves services more efficiently while ensuring optimal resource utilisation. Using innovative tech such as cloud computing,...

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GDPR – One month on – A blockchain perspective

It looks like all the spam emails didn’t stop after the 25/05/18 after all then? What many consumers didn’t realise is that by buying from an eCommerce store or voucher site, in many cases, one would have already given an opt-in to be marketed to, or perhaps they, a...

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Blockchain and provenance

  One of the strengths of blockchain applications is that they create an immutable record. This record doesn’t just have to apply to the prism of digital currency, like crypto. There are ‘real world’ applications of this technology, which could solve many issues...

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Blockchain – the case for coding government

In our last piece, we discussed how the UK Government could use blockchain to help facilitate cross-border trade. But, outside of the context of BREXIT how could governments, the UK or otherwise, use Smart Contracts for the day-to-day running of a country? The answer...

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