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Blockchain and the Car Insurance Industry

Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Blockchain are about to completely disrupt the car insurance industry. Here’s how… The insurance industry is prone to fraud and whether it is knowingly, or unwittingly fraud within the industry, ultimately, drives the cost of...

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An introduction to Yotta Laboratories

We intend to change technology forever and create a safer and better digital future for everyone. We believe an irrefutable digital truth can transform not only technology but society. Yotta Laboratories. Limitless Futures. Download more information about who we are...

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Blockchain in Employment Law & HR

How Blockchain will disrupt the world of employment law and how HR specialists can embrace the change... Contracts, between and employers and an employee or two different corporate entities, are often filed away and become none compliant. Job scopes and services...

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Blockchain Data Storage

How Blockchain will totally change the way data is stored and managed forever… Yotta Laboratories have envisaged a way that Blockchain can completely change the way businesses store data.  Large, expensive data centres, will (and should) become a thing of a past. The...

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