Solar Energy

Currently, energy is primarily produced by large, centralized energy-plant rendering through Non-renewable Energy Sources (NRESs). The use of centralized energy plants run by NRESs causes energy losses during power transmission and environmental degradation. The high penetration of Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) into the power system reduces the environmental crisis and the energy losses as energy is generated close to where it is consumed. A solution to centralized energy generation is the introduction of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). DER increases the overall cost savings for the customer, allows consumers to control their power, and reduces gas emissions by shifting from NRES to DRES

The evolving blockchain technology brings new potential for decentralized network designs and provides transparent and user-friendly frameworks. It creates opportunities for energy users to be involved in making choices about who supplies their energy and the technologies used to generate it.

The opportunity to use solar as a power source will have a significant positive impact on CO2, electricity costs and efficiency and therefore solar power/energy needs to be major consideration in any technology eco-system.

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Yotta Labs smart fusion edge network ecosystem

The company plans to develop decentralised solar farms which will allow it to generate its own energy and sell excess back to the grid. As a stand-alone system this will allow the company to reduce its operating costs and also generate income. However, as part of the Yotta eco-system it has huge potential, this includes the opportunity to power Yotta Cubes and other Yotta ecosystem products and services the company develops.

Yotta has introduced significant innovation in the manner of constructing the cloud-computing stack. This however does not change the sellable product encased in the concept of Infrastructure as a Service. The packaging of the solution offering as “IT as Energy” does align with major trends in the market and the company has been able to obtain letters of interest to underscore the potential demand and to launch the first phase of the deployment.

Yotta has taken the approach of providing the infrastructure instead of supply hardware to the industry. This has created an opportunity to sell capacity to existing cloud service providers instead of competing.

The innovation to making the cloud-computing stack is proprietary to Yotta as they have moved to a software-based platform. This makes Yotta one of the leading firms in this space and will give the benefit of a first entrant as well as create a platform for improvement, always staying ahead of competition.

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