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  1. Gary Spence

    Chief Executive Officer | Founder

    Gary is a Chief Architect of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and a Digital Technology Specialist. Gary’s ambition is to take business technology to its next level. Innovations in Distributed Ledger Technology has huge potential for the near future and with the emerging and apparent new Internet of Things (IOT) and smart contracts this will have huge cost savings for all businesses from small SME’s to large multi-nationals.

    Gary has an extensive and unique skillset with experience with Blockchain protocol details, transactions, mining and consensus. Smart contract developmental experience with Eris/Ethereum/Block apps. Experience with Distributed Storage Technology, Misys TI+/Trade Portal Java, JEE Twisted Python, DB2, MS SQL, Oracle, XML, CSS, JSP, HTML, web development frameworks, JMS, Web Services and Tomcat Java Web Start, IBM, WebSphere, log4j.

    Gary also has an understanding of IBM WebSphere, WebLogic or JBoss Application servers and end to end configuration with portal and back office systems. Programming experience in GO, Node, Python, Java or C++. He is also well versed in Financial Technology Specialities, Technology Driven Trends, Strategic Innovation, Strategic Advice and Planning, Business Keynote Presentations and Speaker.

    Gary’s vision is to build reusable modular core libraries for use across a multiple product line creating a full ecosystem. With the mission statement “Tomorrow’s Technology Today”, Yotta3 is a DLT cloud solution which will enable a safe and secure mist, fog and cloud platform encrypted to conform with current and future legislation and enabling businesses to store and share their data in a safe and secure way which is not at present available on the current market. This system will not only ensure safety and security but will enable other developers to add unique loT and DLT applications when needed.


    Over 15 years design IT architecture.

    Ranked 5th top Blockchain expert in 2018 by EY (Malta).

    Certified Expert in Supply Chain Technology.

    Cyber Security Global Expert.

    System Designs.

    Phil Worthington


    Over 25 years experience in IT, education and sport at business owner and director level, Phil brings experience in business development and management to Yotta. With extensive experience in overseas development he is well placed to support the company’s international objectives.

    He also has a great passion for education and improving the lives of children and young people throughout the World and in particular through using sport and physical education as a medium and means of engagement.

    Key Skills

    International Development and Partnerships, IT Development, Sports Coaching, Sports Education, Curriculum Development, Partnership Working, Leadership & Management Training. Extensive experience in delivering and assessing accredited vocational training to NVQ standards in Sport, Team Leading, Management, Customer Services, Business Administration and Digital Marketing.

    Professor Elhadj Benkhelifa

    Chief Technical Officer | Head of Research and Development

    Prof. Elhadj is currently Professor of Computer Science and Digital Innovation at Stoke on Trent University. His history has been a flourish of experience like Founding Head of Cloud Computing and Applications Research Group in early 2012. His Cloud-Based Digital Forensic Gateway Project was funded by the Technology Strategy Board, and is concerned with harnessing the power of a cloud based approach for the delivery of hardware & software as a service for the delivery of digital forensics, data sharing, knowledge exchange & training globally.


    Editor (Physical Sciences) of the IBScientific Magazine and IBS Journal of Science, Co-Chair, Organiser, Int Conference on The Role of Science and Knowledge in the Developing Counties (16-18 April 2007), Algiers. President and Organiser of the (2006) IBScientific Annual conference 2006: Science & Technology Infrastructure in the Developing World: Tools for Improvement: Research, Publication and Collaboration. Headed the Advertisement and Marketing Department. Recognised for Excellence in Research and Enterprise. Teaching, Learning and Leadership and Management. Director of the Mobile Fusion Applied Research Centre.

    Spearheading operations in Singapore as a chief strategist with over 13 years years of industry experience, a global influencer in green and sustainable technologies and processes with over 10 years experience working closely with governments bodies and regulators across Singapore, Malaysia and India.

    Dr. Parvathy is ranked in the top 100 sustainable journalists by SASA, Singapore. In the top 50 most influential green leaders by world CSR, India and currently is the Editor and CEO of Green Pulse in Singapore.

    Key Skills

    Senior executive in charge of global sustainability initiatives.

    Key sustainability strategist.

    Organizer of sustainability global events.

    Board Member

    Institute of parks and recreation board, Singapore.

    Green Infrastructure, Singapore.

    Singapore Institute of Building Ltd.

    Prior to joining Yotta Laboratories, A former Indian International cricketer, Rudra has shown over the years his expertise in a number of fields both in business and sport. Rudra has worked for the Lancashire Cricket Board for 20 years managing and overseeing National and County Development programmes.

    As a board member and an ambassador RP brings a whole wealth of knowledge and experience and he will be taking on the role of strategy and commercial development across India.

    Key Skills

    20+ years of business development experience.

    Indian Ambassador for commercial development.

    Team leading and couch building.

    Naresh Khanna

    India Head

    Leads as a business entrepreneur and dynamic visionary with extensive senior management experience. For over four years, he served as  CEO of Bigdaddyconsulatants, With a track record of over 23 transactions in mergers/acquisitions, divestitures and expansion through joint ventures.  In addition to that, he has served in nationalized public sector bank for 30 years.

    He founded Bigdaddyconsultants as a firm leading in strategic advisors serving emerging growth and middle-market companies. As a board member Mr. Khanna brings experience and knowledge to successfully implementing company policy, developing strategic plans, controlling finance.building and maintaining an effective team.

    Mohammad Adil

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Mr. Mohammad Adil is Innovative and a performance-driven Entrepreneur with a deep passion for technology and business. Experienced in managing all aspects of business development, and great time management skills. Currently working as Technical Director at Yotta Laboratories Ltd. He brings with himself more than 10 years of experience in business strategies development and e-commerce development. Earlier, Adil worked for Amazon as a risk analyst and with Nokia As Senior System Engineer. His knack for creativity, out of the box thinking and restlessness for innovating ideas led him to create the famous web portals in India alongside represented India in bi-lateral R&D programmes. Along this He has been a part of various start-ups and under his leadership and mentorship they have achieved great heights. He is a certified CCNA networking programmer and DOT Net Programmer by CISCO and Microsoft respectively.

    Specialties: Business analyst, Risk Management, E-commerce, Strategies Management and Internet of Things (IOT), AI, ML & Blockchain.


    Build Smart Street Light Solution.

    The Best Innovative Start-up Award.

    Represented India in a Bi-Lateral R&D Programs with Spain.

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