About Us

Imagine a shared computer accessible to anyone, a single source of truth within which to store events, ownership and activities, and to execute workflow involving multiple parties without the use of separate systems and databases – and with no reconciliation required.

It will change the way digital services are provided across all industries globally. Blockchain changes the rules, prepare for disruption or prepare to disrupt. 

We offer a range of services from introductory training, strategic advisory and assisted prototyping right through to the delivery of production-ready enterprise solutions.

Our Team

Gary Spence

Gary aims to take technology to the next level using Distributed Ledger Technology. Gary is a seasoned technology executive with over twenty years of senior-level digital transformation experience. Yotta Laboratories was the brainchild of Gary, whose mission is, and always has been, to create tomorrow’s technology today.

David Dawson

David has over 15 years of corporate finance and insurance experience and has worked for Blue Chip’s such as RBS and AXA. Most recently, David has worked as an investment consultant as well as creating On Fire Trading, a one-stop shop for investors wishing to navigate the complex world of financial markets.

Andrew Latchford

A technology executive with over 25 years experience. Andrew has worked in global commercial, strategic and tactical trading. Andrew has consulted for SME’s, Blue Chip’s and governmental bodies alike both in the UK and globally.

Dr Elhadj Benkhelifa


Sam Lewis

Sam has extensive experience in using a Data Centre database with an understanding of network, storage, and computer hardware platforms as well as Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Barrie Dawson

Barrie brings over 40 years of commercial experience to Yotta. Having held senior positions in insurance, financial planning and the charitable sector Barrie is a seasoned executive who brings a wealth of senior managerial experience, coupled with a track record of success in high growth industries.


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