The recent news around crypto hacks has created a strange paradox. Surely, the attraction of a currency that is predicated on a cryptographically secure blockchain is that it can’t be hacked? But, like Bonny and Clyde or perhaps, more appropriately, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have proven time after time, where there’s cash — it’s prone to be stolen. Criminals, especially cyber ones, are smart and will find a way of breaking into vaults, be they digital or physical. Crypto Currency, in terms of its volatility and with the recent hacks, certainly has an air of the Wild West about it.

Blockchain beyond crypto

We have explored at length use cases for blockchain beyond crypto. What is becoming more apparent to us is that the need for an eco-system built using blockchain at its core is becoming not just attractive but essential. It doesn’t take much imagination to envisage a world where 51% attacks are used not to duplicate Bitcoin transactions but to steal sensitive banking, health data or worse.

Yotta – limitless difference

 We believe the time is now to take a different approach to how organisations work with data and computer systems more widely. Legacy systems are (and have always been) why many organisations are resistant to change. But, when one considers that the UK’s nuclear deterrent submarines are still running on Windows XP threats from clever hackers could become something more existential than ripping off some investors in CryptoCurrency.

No legacy issues — compliant from day one

The Yotta platform has been built with compliance in mind. The vision for the operating system is not to be a sticking plaster but to become something completely revolutionary. The platform is a perfect marriage of blockchain and AI which is set to change the game for verticals markets as diverse as mining, insurance and, of course, FinTech.

 Blockchain grows up

We believe blockchain is about to grow up. A good analogy might be that the web a decade and a half ago was all about the three G’s – Girls, gambling, and gaming. Now the web permeates through every aspect of our lives. We believe blockchain technologies and their applications are about to go beyond the prism of crypto, and, like the web start to affect the lives of everyone.


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