Deep Learning

The conceptual definition of Deep Learning is a computer program that can find out what a problem is. The technical definition is it is a class of machine learning algorithms in the form of a neural network that extracts features from data and makes predictive decisions about new data.

Deep Learning brings software systems closer to bringing computer systems closer to that of neural pathways and true Artificial Intelligence.

Deep learning methods have a powerful ability to scan large amounts of data and find patterns and solutions to problems that data scientists can’t. When systems can predict outcomes they can suggest optimal ones. The implications of this are profound.

We believe Deep Learning is one of the most exciting innovations of our time. Deep Learning can truly help businesses and society as a whole; create a truly brave new world. Yotta Laboratories bring best in class technology, thought leadership, expertise and critical thinking to Deep Learning across vertical industries and, crucially, we think with the future in mind.


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