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Blockchain and FinTech a beginners guide

Financial context post-2008 and ubiquitous mobility Everything really did change in 2008, and not perhaps for the reason you might expect. Of course, the near collapse of RBS and other banking and insurance giants like AIG, Lehman Brothers, and other high-street names...

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Where finance is currently at with blockchain

        The financial sector is currently the sector with the largest activity in the blockchain area. However, many established financial institutions are just beginning to harness the potential of blockchain. While it is not infrequently emphasized that blockchain...

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How Blockchain will protect digital IP

Copyright infringements, when it comes to content, are not a new phenomenon — it’s just the Internet has supercharged its proliferation. Record and movie companies never really got to grips with Napster and the existential threats posed by file sharing sites. Deals...

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Blockchain, IoT and Just in Time

We’ve explored how blockchain could help the EU and the UK trade without friction recently post BREXIT. But, outside the world of international geopolitics how will blockchain facilitate Just in Time (JiT) not just for the UK, but also for supply chains globally?...

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