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Yotta Card – This is a Digital Banking Solution that allows transfer of FIAT and crypto across the Globe without incurring transfer fees. It also allows users who are currently unbanked to have a pre-paid VISA or Mastercard backed card. The card can be used in any store which accepts VISA or Mastercard payments and can also be used for cash withdrawal from ATM’s. Q4 2021 will see the card also being Mastercard approved doubling the number of stores in which it can be used. As a stand-alone product Yotta Card will be a direct competitor to other similar type pre-payment cards including for example, Revolut and PayTM.

Yotta Card, in different guises, is an integral part of many of our bespoke client solutions including the West Java Zakat project.

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Yotta Card is a ground-breaking product of which we aim to be a global leader in digital money solutions for individuals and businesses. Our payment platform pioneered the seamless integration of crypto and traditional currencies to support multi-currency accounts, currency transfers and exchange services.

The company plan to have a global footprint for the Yotta Card with a goal of over 2 million registered users by the end 2022

Yotta Card is built on state-of-the-art technology to make the future of digital payments a reality, today. To realise this goal and facilitate the everyday management of both digital and traditional currencies, Yotta Card integrates traditional banking infrastructure with cryptocurrency blockchains. This provides a trusted and cost-effective service for digital money transactions which is relevant for both today’s payment environment and the token economy of the future.

By building a solid foundation for scalable and secure services in a regulated environment, Yotta Card will be the key platform for digital payments in the near future, including merchant payments, cross-border currency exchanges/transfers and machine-to-machine (M2M) micro transactions. Most importantly, Yotta Card will be available to everyone – from everyday consumers to businesses of all sizes and addressing the 1.7 billion people currently unbanked.

Yotta Card will allow users to convert and spend cryptocurrencies instantly in day-to-day life. The platform will provide unrestricted access to OTC and interbank rates for crypto and traditional currency exchanges. Unlike some other financial institutions and payment platforms, Yotta Card doesn’t limit access to the best market rates to those who can afford excessive minimum order amounts. Our goal of bridging the gap between traditional and digital money,

Yotta Card Vision
YEdge (see Tokenisation), the Yotta Card platform native token, is a universal based token extensively used within and outside the Yotta Card Digital Banking platform, representing a universal fee and reward unit. It is designed to benefit our growing B2C and B2B user communities, help our customers save on fees and let them access unique financial rewards if they maintain the required balances of YEdge.

As great believers in blockchain technology and a cashless society, we have a digital banking platform that can address the limitations of conventional financial institutions by exploiting technological breakthroughs. Our focus is on facilitating the adoption of the token economy by creating solutions for the most relevant use cases. Having analysed the current status of the blockchain-based financial services segment, we have ascertained that only one fully-formed industry cohort exists, represented by several established crypto exchanges/trading platforms.

Out of dozens of exchanges operating on the market, a few command significantly higher transaction volume. Their success, in our view, can be attributed to robust technical infrastructure, clean user interfaces and a wide selection of currency pairs for trading. Some of these exchanges, such as Huobi and Binance, prefer transacting solely within crypto ecosystem, whilst others like Coinbase and Bitstamp strive to combine crypto and fiat functionality. In short, the crypto trading/exchange market is well-developed and competitive.

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