Yotta Cube

Yotta Cube is the next generation of cloud right to the EDGE. With Level 3 security, as with a conventional data center, Yotta Cube is a decentralized cloud platform with a collective data capacity similar to a conventional data center.

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is a protocol that enables the secure functioning of a decentralized digital database. Distributed networks eliminate the need for a central authority to keep a check against manipulation.

DLT allows for storage of all information in a secure and accurate manner using cryptography. The same can be accessed using “keys” and cryptographic signatures. Once the information is stored, it becomes an immutable database and is governed by the rules of the network.

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A Yotta Cube network can be developed as a mainframe hypercentre equivalent, but can also be deployed in local locations as an Edge network (connected to a Yotta Cube mainframe or hypercentre) to provide low latency access to IoT devices in smart city networks or local data access quickly and efficiently.

Who can Benefit?
• Facilities Management
• Construction
• Governments
• Medical
• Hospitality

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