The highly disruptive tech start-up, Yotta Laboratories, has launched a sophisticated investment bond. The bond seeks to raise capital from private, sophisticated investors in order to complete the R&D on a groundbreaking project in the field of blockchain and cloud storage.

With over 5 years of research and over 150 specific use cases in the field of blockchain, Smart Contracts, Machine & Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Yotta’s IP, alone has been valued at £47.5 million. The bond will allow important funds to be channelled into creating a prototype of what will be the future of data cloud storage.

Yotta’s Chief Executive Officer, Gary Spence said:

“Investments beyond Crypto Currency are where many tech investors are now looking. The confluence of volatility in the crypto market as well as its ‘Wild West’ reputation, coupled with the power of blockchain to change the game in data storage means now is the time to expedite our cloud storage plans.”

A separate website has been created for this bond. The website is password protected to ensure only sophisticated investors can access it. For further information on the Yotta Securities bond, contact Yotta’s Chief Operating Officer, Barrie Dawson on

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